Survival as a Writer

In a weekly email newsletter I receive about writing there was a link to a useful web site for poets called “Winning Writers“. I haven’t had time to fully investigate this site but it seems to be very popular claiming over 16000 subscribers to its monthly email newsletter.

It is currently promoting an article applicable to all writers, not just poets. The article is called “10 Survival Tips: Ten Tips for Psychological Survival in Writing.” It contains many useful and well thought out hints on remaining sane and flourishing as a writer. It is not just about survival techniques but good sound practices for all writers.
I think Tip #10 is great advice

Remember: All advice is made up. Writing, like all of life, follows made-up rules. Some rules are useful. Some are outmoded or meant for someone else. If any advice doesn’t feel right for you right now, ignore it.

Another article called “Manuscript Tips” is aimed primarily at poets. It is a very useful list of hints to follow when submitting poems to publishers or to poetry competitions.


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