Struggling to write

I guess most people have days when they are really feeling terrible. I do. Too often it seems. If you are one of those people who don’t struggle like this then be truly thankful. You have a life that is indeed truly blessed.

Some days the words just flow almost effortlessly. Some days the ideas for writing come storming into my mind (it’s a bit like a hurricane in there at times). Some days I am filled with energy and could write non-stop forever.

Then there are days like yesterday.



And on top of that there came some bad news in the evening from my daughter which shook me to the core. She’s alright – the situation is not insurmountable. What shook me was the sudden flood of memories from twenty years ago when I experienced a similar situation.

I must admit I didn’t handle it well. I was very emotional for most of the night and slept very little. I thought I was over the incident – twenty years should heal old wounds. Wrong.

Today will be one of those days when I will attempt to push through the emotions, ignore the tiredness and focus totally on my writing. Concentrated activity is often a good cure for situations like this. What I write might not be award winning stuff but it will be far better than wallowing in a bad mood. The act of actually doing something can build its own momentum.

That’s what I will try.

Good writing.

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