Short story starters

Here is another set of short story starters.

Just choose one of them and use it as the first sentence in a short story. In fact, you can use more of them if you wish.

1. Fiona straightened her dress, gently brushed a hand over her hair and knocked confidently on the door.

2. Her life was never the same after that first encounter with Harry on the train.

3. It was the start of a series of exciting events, but Geoff didn’t know it at first.

4. It took Joan a few seconds to realise that she was in terrible danger.

5. On his fourth attempt Ken finally made it up the steep bank of the river.

6. “I had no idea that Peter felt that way,” said Lauren.

7. It was not until Monday that Maureen realised that she had made a terrible mistake.

8. Nancy knew at once that she should have reacted differently.

9. How could Peter have foreseen the immediate consequences of his simple words.

10. Rowena saw her changed situation as a wonderful opportunity to get back at her “friend.”

You can access many more short story starters here.

Conditions of use:

  • Feel free to use any of the story starters listed above. Change anything to suit your needs.
  • Give it your best shot.
  • Edit your work carefully before sending it off to a publisher or posting it on your blog.
  • Let me know in the comments section how it went.
  • If you publish your story on your web site or on your blog let me know so I can make a link to it for others to read.



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