Short fiction #42 “The hovering shape”

The hovering shape

Ursula screamed.
It was the sudden movement in the shadows in the corner of the room that shocked her. Her scream echoed down the corridor, alerting John that something was amiss. He dropped the book he was reading on the table and hurried towards her. She stood frozen in the doorway, staring at the shape hovering by the drawn curtains. Wide-eyed with quivering lips she was suddenly aware of John pressing close to her.
‘What is it?’
‘There – in the corner.’ She pointed with a shaking hand.
He peered towards the spot where she was pointing. ‘Can’t see any…’ he gently pushed her aside and calmly walked across to the shape. ‘Here boy,’ he said softly. With a waggling tail the mysterious shape morphed into a black dog as it came into the light coming from the corridor.
‘Meet Luther,’ said John as he rubbed the dog’s head. ‘I brought him home for you as a surprise. He was an abandoned animal. I got him from the Animal Welfare League. Why anyone would abandon such a friendly dog beats me.’ The dog raised itself until its paws rested on John’s chest. It tried to lick his face.
‘Surprise?’ You call that a surprise? Blasted animal nearly gave me a heart attack. Next time you do something like that – at least give me a warning!’

All rights reserved. © 2015 Trevor W. Hampel

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