Short Fiction #38 Charlie

Charlie stopped. He looked up, then ran to the window. Gloria had just driven into the driveway.
Charlie knew he had some explaining to do. He ran the door, waiting anxiously while Gloria rattled the keys into the lock.
“Hello Charlie. You’ve been a good boy then?”
Charlie skipped around her ankles. “Of course I’ve been good,” he thought. “I’m always good.” He thought of the thousands of times Gloria had told him how good he’d been.
Gloria dumped her shopping on the kitchen table and flopped into her favourite chair in the sun-room.
“Oh Charlie – what have you done? Look at my jig-saw puzzle? The pieces are all over the place, on the floor, under the table. Oh Charlie, can’t you leave my jig-saw alone?”
Charlie was perplexed. Why was Gloria so angry with him?
“But Kitty was sitting right on top of the coffee table,” thought Charlie. “I thought you’d be pleased that I chased Kitty away.”
Gloria ignored him. She was already busy fixing up her precious puzzle, gathering pieces from all over and struggling to get them back into place.
Charlie waddled over to his little bed by the heater, tail between his legs.

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2007 Trevor W. Hampel.

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