Short Fiction #29 Boredom


She trudged the last few steps towards the door. The downpour had made the bus trip home tiresome. The house looked cold and alone. The chilled air of the darkening sky swept into the room ahead of her.

“What a relief,” she sighed. “That old grinder of a bus won’t make it one day.”
She dropped her bags on the couch and went to pour a glass of sherry. She flopped onto the seat, reached for the controls and flicked on the TV.

“Boring,” she muttered. “What I need is some excitement. No chance of that!”

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2007 Trevor W. Hampel


2 Responses to “Short Fiction #29 Boredom”

  1. booba says:

    Your stories are lame!! They are barely stories. They are more like starters for stories. And they are very predictable. I am a famous and well-known author(though I daren’t reveal my true name) and I know what I’m talking about!!!

    ~The Mysterious “Booba”

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for visiting Booba – and for leaving a comment. Believe me – I am constantly working hard at improving my writing. At least I’m brave enough to put my work out there where others can read my writing.

    What puzzles me about your comment is this: if you are ‘famous and well-known’ as you claim, why hide behind a pseudonym? Why don’t you want to reveal your true name? Curious.