Short Fiction #23 Oswald’s Love

Oswald’s Love
Oswald stared longingly at Vanessa.
“Come to me,” his aching heart whispered.
Vanessa went on talking, oblivious of Oswald.
“You know,” she said as she eased herself even closer to Albert. “We have so much in common.”
Albert smiled nervously as she stroked his arm.
“Let us walk in the garden,” she added, boldly taking his hand.
Oswald seethed.
They stepped out on to the patio, arm in arm.
Oswald’s envious eyes followed her every move. How he longed to be in her embrace.
They moved out of view.
Oswald settled more comfortably before the fire and his rumbling purr resumed.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2006 Trevor W. Hampel.

This short story first appeared in Freexpression magazine in June 1999.


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