Setting goals for your writing – where did the year go?

2007 Goals

Only two weeks left of this year. Where did that year go?

How are you doing with your goals for 2007? In fact, have you looked at your goals for this year recently? Did you actually write them down?

It is usually about now that people who are goal oriented sit down and start analyzing how they’ve travelled this year in the goal achieving department. With only a few days left it is still time to achieve a few minor goals, but as we near Christmas most people’s busy lives tend to take over. The demands of work, family, relaxation, shopping and many other things tends to dominate a little – or a lot if you let them.

Nothing magical

There is nothing magical about a new year. New Year’s day is just another day after all. On the other hand, a brand new year is a chance for all of us to have a new beginning, a new start with new projects, ideas and perhaps for some even a new job. It is a chance to evaluate our lives, looking back at the old year and assessing how we’ve been doing.

A personal reflection

In some of my goals I have been quite successful this year.

  • I’ve managed to maintain the flow of posts reasonably regularly on my three blogs.
  • I will fall just a little short of my target for the number of posts, but I am quite pleased with my output despite the many interruptions I have had.
  • I will fall a little short of the number of hours of writing I set myself at the beginning of the year, but not by much. Again, I have achieved a lot in the light of the many enforced breaks in my writing time.
  • Although I have written a large number of words this year, I am also a little short on the target I set myself.
  • As for submitting to print publishers I must admit that my face is a very bright red. Lots of talk, great goals and good intentions but not much of a practical nature happening there. Time to get tough with myself and follow my own advice so freely dished out on this blog. It might also stop the family nagging me too.

How have you been going with your goal setting? Leave a comment in the comments section below.
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