Saying it differently

I enjoy reading the works of writers who say things differently.

It is so easy to slide into clichés, to over use words and especially phrases and expressions which are so old and familiar that their corpses are not only rotten; they smell worse than a skunk sprayed dog before it’s been washed.

It is a rare event when a politician, public figure or some other prominent citizen comes up with something arrestingly original. I laughed out loud earlier this week when I heard someone say, in reference to our federal government, the following words:

“They promised us the world, but they just showed us a picture of an atlas.”

How wonderful.

More power to the people out there not content to squirm in the mud of mediocrity, but make an effort to create new ways of making their point.

Good writing.


2 Responses to “Saying it differently”

  1. john l malone says:

    I would be interested Trevor in what writer or book provoked this response? For me it would be two stories I’ve read recently: ‘Over By The River’ by William Maxwell [1974] and Haruki Murakami’s ‘The Town Of Cats’ in the current ‘the new yorker’

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi John,

    The quote was from ABC Radio during their AM news programme one morning 2 weeks ago. It was an interview and I didn’t catch the name of the person saying the words. Sorry.