Review of WordPress

Sheila Ann Manuel Coggins has written a new review of the very popular blogging platform WordPress. I use this program for all of my blogs (see the archives section for my other blogs) and I find it very easy to use. Mind you, all the setting up and administration is done by my very technically competent son (see the Rhyme of Sim).

Having said that, from a purely technically-challenged user point of view I find WordPress very easy to use. One can add new posts very easily, the editing is also very easy and the result looks very clean and easy to read.

Sheila gives it a big wrap, saying that “it is definitely a highly recommended software for anyone who wants a powerful stand-alone and professional-looking weblog platform.
Sheila has given it one of her rare 5-star ratings. That’s very high praise coming from her. To read her review click here.


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