Reflections on my year of writing

With the end of 2006 just around the corner, it is time for a little reflection on this year. It was a year of highlights and lowlights.

Highlights of 2006:

  • Trekking the Himalayas in January – simply awesome.
  • Getting serious about blogging and being able to write over 800 articles on my three blogs.
  • Writing over a quarter of a million words this year, more than double my previous best year.
  • Achieving almost 1400 hours of writing, nearly double my previous best year. This figure equates to a average just on four hours per day which is very pleasing seeing there have been quite a few days where I did no writing at all.
  • Spending several weeks on holiday with my son and daughter in law in Sydney.

Lowlights of 2006:

  • Being diagnosed as diabetic and having to come to terms with managing this condition.
  • Supporting my wife through some serious health issues, including several operations.

Over all, however, it has been a productive, though challenging year. I’ve learned a great deal about the writing life, and the blogger’s life in particular and this should help me get off to a flying start next year.

Looking forward to 2007:

  • Next year I plan to keep going on my three blogs. I see great potential in blogging, at least in the immediate future.
  • I also plan to get really serious about submitting to print publishers. I have quite a collection of manuscripts of novels and picture book texts which need to be submitted for possible publication.

That is the big challenge ahead for me in 2007.


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