Re-introducing Trevor’s Writing blog

Observant regular readers of this blog will notice a small but significant change to the title of this blog. The blog hasn’t changed, nor has the content or direction of it. The URL remains the same too, so no need to panic.

Since starting this blog in March of this year I have never been totally happy with the title. My son, who does all the technical stuff in maintaining my three blogs, came to visit this week for my birthday. While he was here we did a lot of talking about blogging and where we are heading with my three blogs. He also spent a little time tweaking various aspects of the blogs.

To rename this blog Trevor’s Writing better reflects what this blog is all about. I will continue to share some of my poetry, short stories and ideas about writing and blogging. I will continue to share more thoughts about the writer’s life, writing hints and observations on life as they relate to writing, blogging, books and literature.

This name change also brings a quirky consistency in the names of my blogs. They are as follows:

  • Trevor’s Writing – this blog about writing.
  • Trevor’s Birding – about my observations and photos of Australian Birds.
  • Trevor’s Travels – about my experiences and photos of travel in Australia, Thailand and Nepal.

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