Poetry and Fiction on the Internet

Have you ever thought of publishing your own poetry or fiction on your blog or on the internet?

I was reading through some articles that have appeared over recent years in Southern Write, newsletter of the South Australian Writers’ Centre of which I am a longstanding member.

One article caught my attention. “Poetry and Short Stories on the Internet” written by South Australian poet Graham Catt. This article appeared in March 2003, almost exactly four years ago. He did a Google search for poetry e-zines and fiction e-zines. He found 96 entries for poetry and 114 for fiction.

Times have changed:

How the times have changed in four years. Today a similar search (using quotes around the words) returns over 1600 for poetry and 2000 for fiction. This means that there are many hundreds of potential markets for your poetry or fiction on the internet. Mind you, only a handful are paying markets, but that is the case with print magazines too.
The Poetry Kit

One useful resource mentioned by the author is still very active. It can be overpowering and time consuming getting a list of thousands of sites to check out. The beauty of The Poetry Kit site is that all the searching has been done for you.

Publishing on your blog:

I read a variety of blogs in the course of week. It surprises me that so few writers actually publish their own fiction or poetry on their blogs. I have been doing this for some time now (see the links below or go to the Contents section of the sidebar). I also have inspired and encouraged at least one person to do the same (Rick on Shards of Consciousness). I think that it is something writers should seriously consider.


  • Poetry blogs – some of the sites on this list may be worth checking out – I’ve only checked a handful and they looked interesting if you have the time to browse.

3 Responses to “Poetry and Fiction on the Internet”

  1. […] For the inexperienced this can be daunting task indeed. There is so much to chose from. How do I go about it and how do I decide where to send my precious writing? Let me suggest some simple steps to follow. I acknowledge Graham Catt’s article (click here) for many of these ideas. […]

  2. Rick Cockrum says:

    And I thank you for the inspiration, Trevor. You set a good example.

    I didn’t realize the number of sites for poetry and fiction had exploded so much so quickly.

  3. Trevor says:

    Like so much on the internet, Rick, everything is simply expanding exponentially. I a few years time it may be very hard to be heard above the “noise” of hundreds of millions of blogs and web sites. I hope that the cream rises to the top and that we are part of that cream.