Poem #49 Caper white

Caper white butterfly

Caper white butterfly

Caper White

On a cloudless bright
Blue spring day the
Garden buzzes excitedly
With bees, birds and butterflies.

The lavender stems
Stand proud and tall,
Their delicate flowers
Perfuming the warm air.

Two caper white
Butterflies briefly taste
The lavender nectar,
Restlessly flitting

From flower to flower
In an endless quest
To be fully satisfied.
But their insatiable

Appetite makes my
Attempts at photography
A challenge in patience
And persistence.

© 2013 Trevor Hampel

All Rights Reserved.


  • Written on 5th November after attempting to photograph two caper white butterflies feeding on lavender bushes in our rose garden.
Caper white butterfly

Caper white butterfly


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