Poem #41: Have a Happy Easter

Have a happy Easter

As I did my courier rounds
The day before Good Friday,
Everyone was busy,
Everyone was frantic.
Lines of cars jammed
Supermarket car parks
And service station entrances.
Everyone was rushing to get all their tasks completed,
Everyone was eager to be finished and away.
‘Have a happy Easter,’ was the mantra from everyone I met.
‘Have a happy Easter,’ I’d found myself echoing their words.
What does that mean
To those who are not
|Followers of Christ?
Did they wish me happiness?
Did they wish me joy?
Were they concerned about
My emotional wellbeing?
Was it a genuine desire
Or just a polite end
To our transaction?
‘Have a happy Easter,’
Echoed in my mind.
‘Have a happy Easter,’
Sprang easy from my mouth.
Easter is a holy time,
Sacred to my heart;
Tears of shame and gratitude
As I view Him on the Cross.
Easter is a blessed time,
It is special in my life;
Smiles of joy and happiness
As I view the empty tomb.
Easter is a celebration,
It’s more than just
A break from work.
Easter is a festival,
It’s more than just
A time with family,
A time with friends.
Christ died for me,
For you, for all,
So we could know
True love, no guilt,
No shame.
So we could know

© 2008 Trevor W. Hampel.

All rights reserved.


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