Now I can get organised with my writing

I like to be organised.

One look at my office and desk would probably lead most visitors to the conclusion that this is just not so. Organised chaos is probably an apt description. I do try, but life sometimes gets in the way. At other times I just get too focussed on what I am doing, and before I know it, things gets worse.

No matter, because now I can get organised. Our Christmas present from son Sim’ and daughter-in-law Leanne arrived via snail mail yesterday. It was a Brother P-Touch label maker. Now we can go ahead and properly label all our folders, boxes, files and numerous other items I haven’t even dreamed of yet. Wonderful – thanks, oh thoughtful son.

Just one small hitch. This is the curse of so many Christmas presents:

“Batteries not included.”

Good writing.


3 Responses to “Now I can get organised with my writing”

  1. Sim' says:

    You need to go to the box in your cupboard that is labelled “batteries” and get some out.

    You don’t have a box labelled “batteries” ? You should have!

    Go get a box (I use 6L stackable “Mighty Tough” stackable crates from Howards Storage World), label it with your labelling machine, then buy some batteries to put in it. Then you will be able to find some batteries to put in your labelling machine, so that you can label the crate to put the batteries in … oh … hangon …

  2. Trevor says:

    Hmmm – the saga continues with another hoop to jump through. Added AA batteries to the shopping list the other day and bought a large pack. Opened the pack, opened the battery compartment of the label machine and had one of those stomach sinking moments. It only takes AAA batteries! Didn’t notice that before. Now for another shopping trip.

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