New Design for this blog

How do you like the new design of my blog?

My son Simon (The Rhyme of Sim’) does all the maintenance work on my three blogs and he has been playing around with the designs of each of them. We’ve been aware for some time that this blog needed something extra – like the banner photo at the top. We hope you like it. Apart from the design changes, nothing else has changed – still the more articles about blogging and writing will be coming this way. And more of my poetry and short fiction too.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

My other blogs have also had a facelift. Check them out here:

Trevor’s Birding – my blog about Australian birds (with many photos)

Trevor’s Travels – my travels in Australia, Thailand and Nepal.


6 Responses to “New Design for this blog”

  1. Hey, looks like a nice spot! Is that your writing chair there on the right? If I tried writing there I’d be cutting Z’s in no time.

    Site looks great! Mine just changed, and still needs some corrective surgery, I’m afraid…

  2. Walter Burek says:

    Very nice, Trevor. Clean and easy to read. Kudos to Simon!


  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the comments Robert. No – I’ve never sat on that chair. The photo was taken at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens near our state capital city, Adelaide, South Australia. It is about a 40 minute drive from home and a wonderful place for a picnic or just a stroll amongst the trees and flowers.

  4. Rick Cockrum says:

    It feels a lot roomier, Trevor. Good deal. I like the layout. 🙂

  5. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the compliment Walter. I’ll pass it on to my son (who probably reads every word here anyway). Simon must get his creativity from somewhere – his mother and sister are very creative so maybe…?

  6. Trevor says:

    Thanks Rick. And thanks for being a regular visitor and commenter. Your insights are much appreciated.