New contact form for this blog

A new feature on this blog for my readers is a Contact Form.

This will now be a constant feature on the side bar under the Contents heading. It is for my readers who wish to contact me via email for whatever reason – rather than leaving a comment or question in the comments section.

The usual comments section will remain of course. And you can also subscribe to my RSS feeds for both posts and comments. This facility is also on the sidebar.


2 Responses to “New contact form for this blog”

  1. John Hickie says:

    I am a retired Professor of Medicine. I have completed a biography of George Bennett a famous Australian naturalist & physician at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (1870-1884).It is to be published in the next few months. I wish to obtain a copy of the photograph of Nicholas Drayson which you took at the Adelaide Writers festival in 2010 and which appears on the internet.and include it in the book. Drayson refers to Bennett in his writings & Bennett is a minor character in “Love & The Platypus”.I am wiling to pay for a copy which could be sent by Email John Hickie