Movies about writers: Iris

I was first drawn to the movie Iris because it starred Judi Dench in the lead role. She plays the role of the author Iris Murdoch. I am a great admirer of the acting of Judi Dench. She plays each character with a genuine understanding of the role. She makes acting look so easy, so natural and always so endearing.

In this role she is superb, playing the aging writer Iris Murdoch. Kate Winslet does a credible performance as the young Iris. As the writer ages she steadily succumbs to debilitating Alzheimer’s. She brings a poignant portrayal of the struggles with words and ideas, a land foreign to this intellectual giant of earlier years.

It is compelling viewing. Jim Broadbent also does an excellent job as the life-long soul mate and husband of Iris.

As yet I have yet to read any of Murdoch’s writing. I must make the effort soon.


  • Iris Murdoch – a short biography of the author.
  • Iris Murdoch – article in Wikipedia about the author; includes a bibliography of her works.

In the comments section tell me about other movies about writers that you have enjoyed. They can be either films about real authors, or feature characters playing the part of an author.


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