Manuscript assessment for writers

Many writers are turning to the services of manuscript assessment agencies in recent years. Getting into print publication can be a difficult road to walk down. Every piece of help and advice therefore becomes important to the emerging writer. In this process, getting an independent assessment of one’s writing can give you just the advice or edge or viewpoint necessary to make the difference between acceptance for publication or being rejected.

Adelaide based crime and romance writer Kirsty Brooks has written a long article – well, it’s actually in the form of an interview – on the virtues of having one’s manuscripts assessed before sending off to a publisher. Many authors have found such an assessment to be very beneficial. The article can be found on her blog:


  • I have never used the services of an assessment agency though I am being mentored by a published author but that is something quite different.
  • I have (to the date of writing this post) had no association whatever with the assessment agency run by Kirsty Brooks.

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