Let the birds inspire you

Sun Conure, Adelaide Zoo, South Australia

I have to admit that birds inspire me. Not only do I write regularly about them on my site Trevor’s Birding, I also use every opportunity to get out into the the garden or the surrounding bushland to watch and photograph birds. I also enjoy visiting various zoos around Australia. Some of these, like my home zoo in Adelaide, have walk through aviaries which make the photography of birds a little less challenging, and often very rewarding.

Because of my love of our many wonderful birds here in Australia I have found myself writing frequently about them, not just on my birding site. I have written dozens of poems about them as well as featuring them in short stories and in my novels. Somehow, some of them always creep in – almost uninvited. As a spin-off from my writing and photography I also get many requests to be a guest speaker, showing my bird photos to community groups. Publishers now send me books about birds to review which is a delightful bonus.

Birds can be inspiring to everyone. Even if you are not as obsessive about them as I am, I’d recommend that you take time out to not only smell the roses, but to also watch the birds. If you lack bird life in your neighbourhood, seek out a nearby park, lake, swamp, zoo, river or seashore. Sit and watch the birds going about their daily activities. Let their beauty inspire you. You may find that just being near these wonderful creatures is enough to refresh you for your next writing session. You don’t have to even write about them.

Good writing.

Red-collared Lorikeets, Adelaide Zoo, South Australia


2 Responses to “Let the birds inspire you”

  1. Ken Rolph says:

    I have been watching birds. Particularly those pesky sulphur crested cockatoos, which keep eating our mandarins.

  2. Trevor says:

    We have the same problem with galahs eating our almonds and the ringneck parrots eating our pears. They come in and nibble at the fruit even before it is ripe. We went to great expense and effort to protect some of the fruit last summer. I made semi-circular hoops with electrical conduit and then draped bird netting over the top. As a result we had the best pear crop ever, picking many cases of delicious fruit.