Just a thought – about talent and writers

“The most exciting place to discover talent – is in yourself.” Ashleigh Brilliant

Truly great writers have a gift.

Gifted writers are a rare breed. Each generation sees only a handful of really gifted writers emerge.

What about the rest of us who call ourselves “writers”? What about those of us who must write, no matter what? What about those of us who are addicted to this writing life, where no day is really satisfying unless some writing has occurred?

Many writers have what I would call a talent for writing. That, they can string words together in an interesting and entertaining way. Many are able to make us laugh, or cry, or enrage us with their words. Others can stir us to action or inspire us to change our ways. All of these writers have talent, an ability to get the words down in a coherent way. They have learned how to communicate with their readers.

Effective communication through writing can be taught. It can be developed through effective teaching and hard work on the part of the writer. Plenty of guidance and practice can sharpen the talent even further.

Good writing.


One Response to “Just a thought – about talent and writers”

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