Journal Writing and Books

As I said in my last post I have written in a journal for many years. Firstly handwritten in well-bound books, then on a computer file and more recently on my blogs (of which I have three – this one on writing, another on birding and a third on my travels).

I recently read an article about someone who doesn’t keep a journal in the traditional sense. She writes her journal entries in the books she reads!

One reason I stopped lending my books out was because when people borrowed them, they did not return them. I never saw them again. However, since I have become an avid reader, journal writer, and freelance writer, the most important reason of all why I do not lend my books out to others is because in the midst of reading them, they have become my personal journals.

She writes in her books – in the margins, on the top and bottom of the page, between paragraphs – wherever there is space to write. I’ve done a little of this over the years, and I often underline significant passages I want to find again. In longer passages I will run a pencil line down the side of the passage. I will also use asterisks liberally.

To read the whole article click here.


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