I’ve been a little busy lately

It is time I gave a little apology.

Some readers of this blog have been commenting here recently without any response from me. That is not how it should be, nor is it my goal. It is just that I’ve been rather busy for the last four weeks. Many of the postings in that time were prepared well before Christmas last year and have been set to appear each day since. That is one of the wonderful things about WordPress – write, set the date, hit publish and forget.

The situation I’ve found myself in over the last four weeks is getting back to full time work on a temporary basis. I do occasional relief driving for a friend who runs a local courier business. Just before Christmas he had a major operation which resulted in an enforced four week holiday. The job involves working from very early every morning – about 7am and often does not finish until 10:30pm, with short breaks for lunch and dinner.

This has been a great challenge to me physically. Not only does the work involve long hours, it also means much heavy lifting and many kilometres of driving every day. One delivery alone several days ago tallied up to 550kg of freight. Fortunately, many deliveries are packages of less than a kilogram.

On top of the heaviness of the freight, the week before Christmas was incredibly busy, with the company’s busiest week ever. Layered on top of that has been the extreme heat we have experienced over the last few weeks, with temperatures frequently topping the 40C (104F) mark.

It will be a pleasant change to get back to writing again.


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