The importance of a writing To Do list

Do you make “To Do” lists?

I do. I generally find them not only useful but sometimes quite essential to help me to remember to do important tasks. It also helps me to remember those unimportant but essential things like putting out the rubbish (garbage) bins on the right night ready for collection the next morning. These lists are important in helping me to also prioritise tasks needing my attention.

Writing lists

I keep all kinds of lists relating to my writing, lists such as

  • tasks achieved each day – to keep me focussed
  • hours and words written each day – to keep me accountable to myself
  • writing goals – to know where I am headingĀ  and to keep on track
  • publication successes – to encourage me when I feel depressed
  • income from my writing – to show me that I am not entirely wasting my time
  • lists of blog post titles coming up – as a part of my forward planning

This is just a sample of some of the lists I keep. None take more than a few seconds to fill and all those statistics show me where I’ve been, how I am currently going and – most importantly, where I am heading with my writing.

I strongly encourage all writers to make, keep and regularly update whatever lists they deem necessary.


My To Do List

  1. Make a list
  2. Cross off item #1 on this list
  3. Realise that I’ve already achieved 2 – no – 3 things on my list.
  4. Reward yourself with a nap (in progress).

Good writing.


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