I’m still here

It’s two weeks into the New Year and I haven’t posted here since Christmas Day. Some of you might have been wondering about where I’d gone over the last three weeks.

Truth is, I’ve been rather busy. It seems that the Christmas – New Year period gets busier every year, and more crowded with events. This time around it was family who took up a lot of my time. We had our son, daughter-in-law and delightful new grandson visiting from Sydney. We only get to see them once or twice a year so any time together is a precious. We also had three family gatherings in different parts of the state. This necessitated quite a deal of time consuming travel.

I’ve also been busy getting a few things done around the house and garden. Things I’ve neglected over the last two years while I poured myself into my studies (MA Creative Writing) and my writing. High on that list was cleaning the swimming pool ready for the hot summer weather to come. We’ve already had a good deal of hot weather, but I’m sure there’s more on the way. Then I replaced the pool safety fence, something long overdue. The old fence was not very safe. Over the last few days I’ve installed a new solar blanket on the pool, together with a new roller to store it when we are swimming.

Needless to say I have managed to do very little writing so far this year. I have managed to catch up on a little reading and more television than I’ve allowed myself for some time. All this time I’ve been planning my writing goals for 2010. I haven’t written these down yet; must do that soon. One major goal – I don’t like resolutions – is to get a little more balance in my life. 2008 and 2009 were far too frenetic with my studies and total focus on my writing with little regard for my physical, mental and spiritual well being. That will need to change this year. Sure, I’ll still write heaps, but it will not be the all consuming monster it has become in recent times.

Good writing.


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