Idiom #16 A Sitting Duck

This week’s idiom: “A sitting duck.”


Someone or something that is ‘a sitting duck’ is an easy to hit target. Someone who is a ‘sitting duck’ is open to an easy physical or verbal attack.


This expression quite obviously comes from hunters, and duck shooters in particular. A sitting duck, on merely bobbing on the surface of the water, as opposed to one swimming, diving, dabbling or flying, is an easy target for the shooter.


Left alone on stage, he was completely at the mercy of the angry crowd. James felt like a sitting duck.

Disclaimer 1: The writer of this blog in no way endorses duck shooting.

Disclaimer 2: No ducks, nor any other birds, were harmed in taking the photo below.

Please note:  The photo below shows a STANDING duck. I don’t have a photo of a sitting duck – yet. (So use your imagination.)

Australian Wood Duck (male)

Australian Wood Duck (male)


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