Idiom #1

As I wrote last week I am fascinated by idioms. I’m not sure about other English speaking countries, but here in Australia the idiom is ‘alive and kicking.’ I guess that you are waiting with bated breath for me to spill the beans. The truth is, I am one who can boast that I’ve actually had a story bristling with idioms published in a magazine; naturally I was on cloud nine when that happened.

This week’s idiom

‘alive and kicking’

This one seems obvious as to its meaning; if something or someone is ‘alive and kicking’ it means that they are lively, well, healthy and very active. One writer has suggested that its origin is as a fishmonger’s term. If his fish are ‘alive and kicking’ they are so fresh that they are still flapping about.

Another possible explanation has a medical origin. It refers to the last months of pregnancy when a mother is often aware of her baby’s movements in the womb. If the baby is ‘alive and kicking’ all is well.

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