I have graduated

After three challenging and difficult years I have finally graduated.

I now have completed my Master of Arts (Creative Writing) degree.

It has been an interesting journey of discovery. I’ve always regretted not having a higher degree to go with my basic teaching qualifications. I had resigned myself to the fact that such a lofty degree was beyond me. I limited my thinking, putting myself down in the process.

On reflection, I probably thought the same about my writing. I’d never be good enough to get published. I’d never make it as a writer. No one would want to read what I wrote.

Through sheer determination – and the encouragement of family and friends – I’ve proved myself wrong on all counts.

  • I have passed my degree – and with a distinction too.
  • I have a large and growing readership of my three blogs.
  • I have been published in recent years in a range of magazines, journals and anthologies.

The best is still to come.

Good writing.

Trevor Hampel, Master of Arts (Creative Writing) April 2011


2 Responses to “I have graduated”

  1. john l malone says:

    Congratulations once gain Trevor. You have done very well. We shall soon see I trust the fruits of your labours on the bookshelves. Certainly what I;ve heard makes me want to read the book. And thanks to your encouragement I am now getting a blog readership approaching the average numbers of my status update comments on Facebook.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks John. And it’s very encouraging that people are now reading your blog. You’ve obviously tapped into the skill needed to get people thinking – and responding to what you write. The interaction between readers is what I love about blogging.