I am writing two short stories

One of the writing assignments I have to complete by the end of this semester is to write two short stories.

No sweat, I thought.

Then I read the conditions. The total word count must be about 5,000 words. Again, not a problem because I’ve written over 9,000 words in the last five days.

The lecturer has decreed that the two stories must be technically different in some way. Well, that makes it more of a challenge. At the last workshop I presented a short story of about 400 words to my group. This was an experimental piece I wrote in the second person. Technically, this is very difficult to sustain without the readers feeling very awkward. It is hard to pull off successfully. My lecturer feels that, on the basis of what I presented at the workshop, I have the skill to achieve this difficult task.

The short story I presented will give one character’s point of view of an incident. Others in the group, including the lecturer, felt that they would like to hear the same story, but from the point of view of the other main character. Her story could be written in the first person, giving another technical difference.

I think I’ve just taken on a challenging project. I’ll keep you posted.

Good writing.


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