I am writing a book

A recently over heard conversation went as follows:

“I am writing a book. I’ve made a great start: I’ve numbered all the pages.”

Consider the following:

  • Countless people say they are going to write a book.
  • Only a few ever begin the actual writing.
  • If you have started writing a book you are in rare company.
  • If you have actually finished writing your book you are in elite company.
  • If you have rewritten and edited your book you are almost unique.
  • If you have submitted to a publisher a well written, well edited and professionally presented manuscript, you are very special.

Don’t just say you are going to write that book.

Just get on with it.

Good writing.


2 Responses to “I am writing a book”

  1. Excellent post Trevor. It is difficult to start a novel, difficult to finish the first draft and I still haven’t managed to do a second draft. So I haven’t tried to get one published yet. Maybe next year, or next holidays. Or maybe I’ll just stick to shorter works. Writing poetry is great – first draft to tenth in under a fortnight!

  2. Ken Rolph says:

    There’s a particular point you didn’t mention. Getting your own Dewey number. I got my email of CIP data from the National Library yesterday. I couldn’t resist going onto our library catalogue to see what other writers share A820.8. It’s good company.