I am a S.O.B.

I have just discovered that I have been given the official badge of recognition as a S.O.B. over on Liz Strauss’s Successful and Outstanding Bloggers‘ site.

What does S.O.B. stand for? Successful and Outstanding Bloggers.

Aaah! That nice warm feeling one gets when one’s achievements are recognised in some way.

Thanks Liz.

The badge can be seen by scrolling down the left hand side of this page.


2 Responses to “I am a S.O.B.”

  1. Liz Strauss says:

    You’re welcome, Trevor.
    I hope you’ll come by and be a long-lasting and great friend for years to come.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi Liz – I’m finding your blog very useful and I am generally stopping by at least every other day to check out what you’ve written about. Keep up the great work.