How to find readers for your blog

When you start out blogging for the first time the expectation of some bloggers is that thousands of people will come flocking to your blog to read your words of wisdom.

This is not the norm.

Yes it can happen, but it’s rare. My experience is that even after eight months of blogging on this blog I am averaging about 75 visitors a day. Hello everyone!

My birding blog is doing considerably better averaging over 130 visitors a day, but that has been going for over a year now. It takes hard work, consistent posting and good content, among other things, to generate good traffic. Time is also relevant; few blogs are overnight successes.

Darren Rowse on ProBlogger has featured several articles in recent days where he has compiled a series of articles from his archives. They are well worth reading because they include many useful and proven hints on how to improve your blog and generate traffic and a loyal readership.


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