How to be a successful blogger or writer – or whatever

I think I’ve said it before on this blog, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Success in any endeavour is always the end result of work, hard work, sometimes incredibly hard work in overcoming difficulties and many set backs. People compliment me when I chair a meeting or I am MC* of a function or I speak in public saying how relaxed and confident I seem. This has not come easy for someone who was as shy and retiring as I was as a child. It has come through much effort, thought, planning and rehearsal.

A lifetime of effort

Blogging and writing is no different. It takes time and effort to be successful, long hours of seemingly fruitless, unrewarded effort. After a lifetime of writing endeavour I guess only a small fraction, perhaps as little as ten per cent of my writing has been published. Do I regret all that unpublished work? No way – it was my apprenticeship in the craft. And I’m still learning.

Sporting Success

Like so many other Australians, I enjoy watching all kinds of sports, especially those featuring Australians. The Aussies are fanatical about their sport and our success in sporting endeavour far exceeds normal expectations for a country of barely 21 million people. Many of my readers would be aware of the amazing achievements of Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe, one of the greatest of all time. He makes breaking world records look easy and effortless. When he retired recently he admitted that he could no longer face endless hours of training. To get to the standard of performance he displayed took a lifetime of effort, lap after lap, day after day, year after year. There is no such thing as overnight success – in any field.

Steven Bradbury and Blogging

In the recently announced honours list here on Australia Day, Winter Olympic Ice Skater Steven Bradbury received an award. What has this got to do with blogging? Plenty. Steven was the first Australian Gold Medallist in the Winter Olympics. The realisation of his dream seemed accidental, but it was no accident. I didn’t realise all the hard work, the difficulties, the setbacks and the injuries that Steven had endured in order to have crack at success. And in the end it all paid off. Writing and blogging, like speed skating, can be a lonely pursuit with many long hours of effort. That’s what it takes.


For a more comprehensive article about Steven Bradbury and how his story can help your blogging, writing or whatever read this inspiring article by Darren Rowse. It even includes a video of Bradbury winning the gold medal.

How Steven Bradbury can make you a better blogger by Darren Rowse.
*Master of Ceremonies


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