Happy Second Birthday to my Blog


I forgot.

This blog should have celebrated its second birthday last week. That just indicates I was too busy last week to remember. This blog has now been going for two years and one week.

Wow. Nearly 600 articles, poems and stories later it is still going strong. You can check all my earlier articles, poems and stories by going to the archives or checking out the various categories – see over on the sidebar – hours of interesting reading, as well as hints for writing and short story ideas.

This blog is getting more and more comments (“keep ’em comin’ folks”) and its readership continues to grow every month. As I’ve already stated recently, my blogging will, of necessity, need to take something of a back seat over the next two years as I complete my MA in Creative Writing. On the plus side, I’m getting heaps of writing ideas that I am just bursting to share here. I’m also heavily into some serious poetry writing in one of the units I am studying, so some of those will find their way here sometime too.

In the meantime….

Good writing.

PS: I’d love to receive dozens of “Happy Birthday” comments. 

Dozens and dozens of them!


4 Responses to “Happy Second Birthday to my Blog”

  1. Happy BBirthday, Trevor’s Writings!

    Should I submit this 12 times? 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    Just the once will suffice – alternatively you could take on the persona of eleven other people.

    NO NO NO – cancel that thought! Coping with ONE of you is quite enough.

    (Only joking – it’s the heat you know. My brain is overheating with all the study I am doing plus we are experiencing our longest heatwave on record – 9 days over 35C with no relief for at least a week. The previous record was 8 days in 1934.)

  3. Rick Cockrum says:

    Happy Birthday, Trevor! How does it feel to be two again? If you’re anything like me, you identify to some extent with your blog and it’s birthday is like having one of your own.

    Be with us for many more.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks Rick – it feels quite REJUVENATING to be two again! No aches and pains, a whole new world to explore and everyone comes running when you cry! Perfect.