Happy Birthday to me

It’s my birthday today.

(Sound of wild cheering, laughter and happy singing.)

I was hoping to spend the day relaxing. I had planned to do a little reading, perhaps go for a walk in the cool of the morning, watch a good video or two and perhaps even watch a little of the cricket on television. In short – have a relaxing day.


I wrote this entry last night, just after receiving a phone call asking me to work all day. (I do occasional casual relief driving for a courier company.)

So my celebration of the BIG SIX OH will have to be put on hold for a few hours.

Good writing.


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me”

  1. Happy Birthday, Trevor (sound of huge crowd cheering)!

    Hey, despite having to work at the last minute, just rest assured there will always be one fact that remains clear through time: I’ll always be younger than you! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

    Alas, I’m not far behind, though… 😀

  2. Rick Cockrum says:

    Happy Birthday, Trevor!

    Pay no attention to Robert. He’s just jealous because he can’t call you a young whippersnapper. 🙂

  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks for your birthday greetings Robert and Rick. The day went well despite having to work.

    My family was all together on the Saturday for a celebratory dinner. We rarely get together these days due to separation by distance, so it was very special.

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