Haiku #5

Ghostly morning mist

Hovering silently, chills –

It dampens spirits!

© 2006 Trevor W. Hampel


2 Responses to “Haiku #5”

  1. Paul says:

    Just wanted to say I love this Haiku. Nice image and very evocotive. Came across your site today… I forget how! That’s the trouble with clicking links… you never know where you’ll end up. By the way, I clicked on a google ad and it took me away from your site. I think it’s possible to set it so the site from the ad opens in a new window…just a thought:might keep people on your site longer. I plan to read some more of your site now..and I’ve subscribed so I imagine I will be in touch sometime in the future! Good luck with the submissions to the anthology by the way.

  2. Trevor says:

    Welcome Paul,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment. This is what I love about blogging – the interaction between writer and reader.