Haiku #2

Mountain Landscape

Towering mountains,
Deep blue-indented gullies,
Stark red rock at noon.

(c) 2006 Trevor W. Hampel


2 Responses to “Haiku #2”

  1. Madia says:

    Hello Trevor…I came upon your website in a unusual way when I was searching material on the gentleman with 2 artificial legs who is climbing Everest. I was thrilled to learn of him, and so I did a Google search. When I saw ‘Trevor’s Travels,’ I felt doubly lucky as my imagination travels, geographically, vividly, and soon that will be improved upon by a trip to India which is part work, and part pleasure…(at least, hopefully…)

    I enjoy most your Haiku when it directly plunges the reader into experience that is more primitive, impressionistic and less literary. When a Haiku reads (to the ear, that is)… too much as a sentence, I feel that the haiku looses some of its’ emotional impact. I very much like the poem about the desert, and the poem which ends with ‘red rock,’ for the reasons I have just mentioned…

    Haiku seems to be able to flash by the reader’s radar, and one must be quick to grab the vision because it is soon gone just the way a bird is in view, one moment, and vanished out of sight, the next.

    Though I am a designer by profession, some of my poems that are probably more song than poem…have been set to music by a credible composer…performed, and well-reviewed…much to my surprise…as I never sought even the performance or the setting of those particular poems…

    I used to write Haiku when I was about 20…

    Also, it is interesting that I was told that some of my performed songs have a ‘devotional’ aspect…I am currently reading The Counterfeiters…by Andre Gide; I adore Gide and cannot be separated from his writing for very long; today, I arrived at a very interesting section where one of the characters is commenting that without mysticism nothing great can be achieved. I don’t know if I could make such generalities, but I do believe that when devotional travels to the border of ‘mystical,’ one can get a deeper view of what the heart and imagination may be living with…struggling with….Well, enough from a total stranger…I really enjoy your writing, and I want to read every entry…

    Hope my little dots don’t bother you…

    Thank-you so much for sharing what so many persons keep very close to the vest…

    Take Care,


  2. Kendyl says:

    Hi Trevor,
    I came upon your work when I wanted a picture of a rose, when I saw the poem I decided to read it. Now I’m reading more of your poems. I really liked this one because it hits home. My house is built on a mountain and is surrounded by them. I think this poem, however short, captures the essence of a mountain. Thanks for your great work, it cheers me up a lot whenever I’m sad and uplifts me even more when I’m happy.