Good Blogging Habits

Here is another blogger who has responded to Darren Rowse’s challenge on ProBlogger to list the habits of highly effective bloggers. This writer has made two lists, one called “What Works for Me” and the other (surprise, surprise) “What doesn’t work for me.”

Goal Setting
The author lists at #6 the setting of goals to keep one on track with blogging. I find this is crucial in all aspects of my writing, whether it is for publication in the traditional print world or whether it is for the blogosphere. (I currently write on three blogs – see the links section for Trevor’s Birding and Trevor’s Travels.)

Daily Goals

I try to keep daily goals of a minimum number of words written and hours spent writing, or reading about and researching my topics. These I chart and graph – it keeps a firm picture in front of me as to how I am going. I also try to post on each of my blogs daily, as well as keep up with other writing projects.

Weekly, Monthly and Annual Goals

I also have weekly, monthly and annual goals to keep me on track achieving what I have set out to in the world of writing. This keeps me honest with myself because I do not have a boss hovering over me seeing that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing!

I know that goal setting is not for everyone, but it works for me. That’s the key – find something that works for you – and use it for all it’s worth.


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