Getting back into writing

As I explained last week I needed to take a break from writing for a little while. Life does this from time to time by interrupting our normal routines. Things seem to be getting back on track now but I realise that I’ve lost a little momentum with my blogging.

Routines are well and good, even essential if you want to be a productive writer or blogger. Any interruption can throw the balance off centre for a while. Just like a locomotive that is hard to get started so can getting back to writing again after an enforced break. Everything seems a struggle, all seems too hard. The words do not flow as easily, the thoughts are random and not focussed.

But once a locomotive is under way and it gains some momentum, the task of keeping it moving forward steadily is nowhere near as great. I used the break to do some reading and to write extensively in my journal. The pace was slow and thoughtful as I reflected on a few recent events. Steadily I have picked up momentum once again concentrating first on my other two blogs (see the links) and now turning back to this blog with some new perspectives and ideas.

The train has left the station.

It is steadily picking up speed.

Cockle Train, Goolwa, South Australia

Cockle Train, Goolwa, South Australia


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