Free books for your library

I am addicted to books and reading.

I cannot go a single day without reading something. I usually have several books – as many as half a dozen – on the go at the one time. Add to that several new magazines and newsletters arriving in the mail every week. This year I have cut down on the number of newspapers I read in an attempt to get some sort of control over this addiction. I’ve probably filled the time saved by not reading papers with reading articles on a variety of blogs.

A few days ago (see “Books, Bookshops and Bookshelves“) I complained about having to add several new bookshelves to our growing clutter of furniture. These are an attempt to get some kind of control and order to the numerous heaps of books further cluttering up the house.

Now I have discovered a new way to add to my collection of books. [sigh]

These books are FREE. [Bigger sigh]

Most of these books are CLASSICS. [An even bigger sigh].

Many books, poems and short stories are quickly becoming available on the internet for free. Read Print is one such site offering thousands of books featuring the works of hundreds of authors.

At this rate I will need several more lifetimes in order to read everything I would like to read.


2 Responses to “Free books for your library”

  1. Rick Cockrum says:

    Thank you, Trevor. I didn’t know about this site. On the other bright side (other than having the books available), these books will take no physical space unless you print them out.

  2. Trevor says:

    I not only have to watch physical space but also virtual space. My digital camera is very memory hungry and is gobbling up the available space on my laptop to the point where I will soon need to buy an additional hard drive. [Sigh]