Don’t be discouraged by rejection

Like all writers, I’ve had my fair share of rejections.

Not every editor will love every piece of writing you submit, whether that is a novel, non-fiction article, poem or short story. It goes with the territory. Rejection is a fact of the writer’s life. It’s a lesson the new writer needs to learn quickly. Accept it, get over it, submit the piece of writing elsewhere and get on with the latest work in progress.

Persistence will pay off in the long run.

My attention was recently drawn recently to the following article: 9 Famous Authors Rejected by Publishers. Click on the link and have a read; some of these famous writers who were initially rejected might surprise you. In fact, one of them, C.S. Lewis, was rejected 800 times before seeing anything in print. He persisted and now has over 100 million books in print, not to mention the film and television adaptations of his works.

Good writing – and don’t give up.


One Response to “Don’t be discouraged by rejection”

  1. Josarah says:

    I have heard of a few famous rejection stories, but I didn’t know that about C.S Lewis. Wow! There is hope for the rest of us yet 🙂