Doing the writer’s sigh

Recently I have done the writer’s jig a few times. This is when I get a story or poem accepted for publication in a magazine. It is in the form of a little celebration dance around the room, accompanied by a yippee or three.

Sad to say, I did the writer’s sigh a few days ago. Another rejection letter in the mail. [SIGH] I’d done all the right things (write things???) too.

A few writing hints:

  1. Read the publisher’s guidelines and follow them carefully.
  2. Read the magazine you are submitting to in order to understand their style and the type of stories or articles that are used in that publication.
  3. Edit your story – make it as good as you can – rewriting as needed.
  4. Read your story aloud, watching out for phrases and sentences that sound wrong or clumsy.
  5. Submit your story, article or poems.
  6. Go on writing new material.
  7. When you get a rejection, print out a fresh copy and send it off again.

Remember –

  • read every day
  • write every day
  • take time for yourself every day

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