Doing the writer’s jig – over and over

Excuse me while I do a BIG writer’s jig around and around and around the room.

I’d better sit down. I’m feeling dizzy.

I’m doing the writer’s jig because I’ve had a huge writing success this week. On Thursday we had a book launch at University where I am doing my Master of Arts in Creative Writing course. Every year they ask for submissions of stories and poems. On a number of occasions during the course of the year, lecturers went out of their way to ask me to submit certain pieces I had written. This might sound like publication was automatic; it wasn’t. As the course has really blossomed in numbers this year the competition was fierce.

Most who submitted their work would have been pleased with two or three pieces being published. I was gobsmacked; they published eleven pieces of my work. This included one short story, one poem and nine other poems in the form of sonnets.  I’d never written a sonnet in my life until a few weeks ago.

Then there was a further honour during the launch, I was one of only four (out of many dozens) to be asked to read out some of my writing.

I think I might jig around the room one more time.

Good writing.


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