Coming up with writing ideas

I generally do not have trouble coming up with writing ideas. Over recent years I have usually been in the happy situation of having far too many ideas for writing. Far too many for me to use. In fact I don’t think I will run our of ideas for several decades. Even blogging every day on three blogs hasn’t emptied the tank. On my blog on birding I’ve been going strong since early September 2005, while this writing blog and my travel blog have been in existence since the beginning of March this year.

A Common Problem

Coming up with new ideas for writing is a common problem amongst writers, especially bloggers, where the pressure is on to keep posting regularly, whether you choose to do it daily, weekly or less frequently. For non-bloggers there is often the pressure of publishers’ deadlines; to remain credible one has to write, one has to produce. Keeping fresh is the challenge. A dull mind results in dull writing. Coming up with fresh ideas is not easy when one is tired, under pressure or feeling that the tank is running on empty.

What can one do about keeping the ideas factory churning out material that is fresh, interesting, new or different?

Steve on his blog “Why My Blog Stinks” has come up with an amazing list of ideas that work – most of the time – in helping him keep fresh. He uses these ideas to keep the creative juices flowing.

In the past I have sat on tops of mountains and overlooked valleys. Some of my best poetry have come from doing this. Sitting on top of a mountain usually comes after vigorous activity, which is scientifically proven to stimulate the creative juices in your brain.

Other ideas he has listed are as simple as taking a brisk walk, having a long bath or reading an inspiring book. One of my favourites also gets a mention:

…traveling to new places can really help generate some ideas. I think change of scenery is sometimes a great idea to help look at what you are doing from a different angle.

Travel gives a different perspective to the daily grind.

Another one that I use effectively from time to time is not mentioned by Steve. In our cold winter months I love to go to my favourite comfortable chair, curl up with a good book and a cup of tea or hot chocolate in front of a warming fire. Nothing better when the winds outside are howling and the rain is pelting down on the roof.


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