Cold truths about getting published

So you’ve written a book.


Most people just talk about it. The easy part is over – well, writing a book is hard work, takes many months/years and tends to put one’s life on hold – and the family too. But in reality, the hardest hurdle is yet to come; getting it published.

Most first-time wannabe authors think the hard part is getting the words down on paper -or on the hard drive. What most people do not realise is that the hard road is still ahead. Publishers are business people and expect nothing less than a business like approach on the part of an author seeking publication.

Liz Strauss has written an article from the viewpoint of someone who knows the business from the publisher’s side: 12 Cold Truths about Publishing and the 2 Proofs Every Publisher wants. So if you are looking at getting your book published, this would be a good starting point.


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