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The Adventures of Nancy – travelling home



I thought that Rose was going to leave me behind again on Sunday. I hate it when she does that. I don’t get to go for a ride in her lovely car. I like looking out the window. Boy – if she’d only let me out sometimes I’d chase after those rabbits and sheep and really have some fun. Mind you – I wouldn’t hurt them. We’d just have a really good run and I’d bark at them and tell them to run faster.

Don’t get me wrong – I love staying with Grandpa Trevor and Grandma Corinne. They let me play in the garden. They take me for walks and the fire is so lovely and warm. I could sleep in front of the fire all day.

Well, Rose didn’t leave me behind the other day so I got to see all those rabbits and sheep and cows and trucks and cars on the way home. Now Rose is at work at school so I am using her computer while she is not here.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Let me know if you like my photo above.

The Adventures of Nancy – introducing my Mum

Nancy with her mum, Rose

Nancy with her mum, Rose

Hi there again.

I’d like to introduce my Mum. Her name is Rose. She is a teacher at Clare High School in South Australia. Sometimes – if I’m really good, she takes me to school with her – when there are none of those funny things called students there. I like smelling all around the classroom where Rose works. If she stays a long time at school I like to curl up on the carpet at her feet. Normally she leaves me home, and then I get bored.


I hate being bored. Except when the neighbour’s cat walks past the window. If I could just get out and chase it away. Better yet – I’m sure I’d be able to catch that nasty piece of goods and then the fur would fly! How dare he strut across MY garden with that snooty nose in the air.

The Adventures of Nancy – a dog with attitude

Nancy - a portrait

Nancy - a portrait

Hi there.

Let my introduce myself: I’m Nancy – a dog with attitude. I may look cute but don’t you dare touch my Mum!

Trevor doesn’t know it yet, but when he wasn’t looking I crept into the office and typed this up. I’m sure he will get a surprise when he next checks his blog. He calls me the “Grand-dog” so I suppose that makes him my Grandpa.

I like him because his lap is warm and comfortable. He feeds me all kinds of things when Mum isn’t looking – things like biscuits and bits of cheese and chips. I really like sitting in front of the fire while he watches television.

I’ll write some more about my adventures in a few days – when he is not on the computer.