Blooks and Blogs

From time to time one comes across a word one has never seen or heard before. Blog and blogging are such words to many people – especially those who spend very little or no time on the internet (yes- there are still such creatures in the world).

Today I came across a completely new word for me: blooks. I was reading the current newsletter of the South Australian Writers’ Centre which came in the mail today. The article was called “Blooks and Blogs” and the writer analysed some of the advantages of blogging, especially in relation to writers.


Included in the text was a reference to and an explanation of a ‘blook’. It seems that a blook is a regular book that has been born from a blog. Now that is an interesting trend. Many blogs I have attempted to read in the last few weeks are just utter garbage. Personal rantings and puerile ravings.

Contrasted with these are the many beautifully written blogs one returns to frequently, for they are a sheer delight to read. Some have beautiful photos as well. To make the leap from blog to book is a huge step for a publisher – not to mention the delight for the author – and now it has been done this could become the way of the future. Or at least one way to publication in its traditional sense.

The ‘Blooker Prize’

The article mentions the inaugural winner of the ‘Blooker Prize’. This was won by an American author whose series of blog articles have now been published in traditional book format. Her articles detailed her attempts to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s 1961 cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

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