Blogging with the Bald Man

I continue to read through the various submissions to Darren Rowse’s group writing project “The Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers” on ProBlogger. Today I read the article on Bald Man Blogging.

One of the habits he highlights is to read, read, read.

Read, Read, Read

The mind requires stimulation. I have a collection of 50 or so feeds of personal interest. Plus a couple dozen that are specifically to feed [pun intended] sundry blogs. I also keep track of all the b5media blogs. I’ve got the usual friends and familiar voices in Bloglines, but I also try to include several from outside my box. You never know where an idea might come from. Diversity breeds insight. Conflict creates change. And change is an opportunity to grow. In addition to Bloglines, I have a few books and magazines laying around the house.

Yeah – I have no trouble with the concept. I am a voracious reader and usually have four or five books and up to a dozen magazines that I am currently reading. That all takes time. Time away from writing, time that could be spent blogging. Now I’ve started reading the bogs of others in a big way. The time online just disappears so quickly. Before I know it several hours have gone – and not word written.

Discipline. That’s what I need. A disciplined reading programme to balance my writing.

Anyone got any ideas on how to do this?


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  1. Bald Man says:

    Shoot! I forgot to close a tag after “my routine.” sorry it looks goofy; feel free to edit the comment.