Blog whispering

Many writers and especially bloggers constantly face the battle to come up with new ideas for their writing. Desire on her blog The Conservatory of One writes that we need to be “blog whisperers.”

Successful bloggers are blog whisperers. They possess the ability to coax new and improved content from their blog…

This is an intriguing idea. Most successful bloggers will tell you that content in a blog is king. To be successful one must have good content, writing that will bring readers back to the site in their droves, eager to read the next posting. Most, however, fail to deliver on the important aspect of “how” to do this.

Over coming weeks Desire plans to reveal “7 Secrets to Writing Great Posts“. The first one is titled “Plan Your Posts”. Sounds simple enough. I know that this is one area I fall down on – I tend to take a scatter-gun approach, writing whatever comes into my head or I read what others are writing about. I did start off with a plan; I need to get back to it.

Read the whole article here.


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